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be sure to protect Cartier nail bracelet replica their skin as to protect them

Posted on Friday 13 October 2017 at 04:19
Read the jewelry "preferences" have a knack for summer care The arrival of summer, but also a good time to show jewelry, but the summer sun and sweat but also the enemy of precious jewelry. Jewelry and women on the same need for maintenance and care, will maintain a new beautiful. Different materials have different properties of jewelry, and some fear of heat afraid of acid, and some fear of fear of friction collision, understanding maintenance doorway, in order to allow the baby from the crime. Quickly open the jewelry box, summer jewelry up small knowledge up. Summer jewelry maintenance four "do not love" 1 jewelry does not love and the sun play the game Strong sunshine in the summer, maintenance of jewelry, jade should also be taken to avoid exposure. Jewelry and people like sunburn, so be sure to protect Cartier nail bracelet replica their skin as to protect them. Such as the emerald afraid of high temperature, the fire will make the color by fading, easy to burst at high temperatures; emerald after roast burning will make its internal molecular volume increases, resulting in loss of moisture moist jade, germplasm to dry, and its color Will become shallow. Therefore, to the strong sunshine and other places to play sand beach try not to wear jade jewelry, to avoid too strong direct sunlight on its sun. 2 gems do not love "social" love "living alone" Grades of different hardness should not be put together to save, to avoid their mutual friction, wear should also avoid collision with hard objects. Remove the jewelry also have to remember to save the classification, each gem will be placed in their jewelry box to avoid injury. Bear in mind that even the largest hardness of the diamond, can not withstand the impact of the common shortcomings of gemstones is brittle, can not stand beaten. 3 jewelry does not love and sweat to deal with Summer body oil sweat more, so if you want to engage in activities of large, dirty tired of the movement, activities, labor, it is best to take off jewelry, so as not to oil stains stained jewelry. Sweating is also easy to make the body stained with dirt, and jewelry is easy to dirty, it will lose its light. Such as pearls, coral surface damage and loss of the original luster, gold and silver jewelry will be dark in sweat. In addition, if the jewelry is not often worn clean, water stains, residues make jewelry become a breeding ground for bacteria, easily lead to contact with the jewelry skin peeling, red itching and other symptoms. 4 jewelry "bath" do not love acid is too high If you are not careful to make jewelry dirty, we must promptly clean and maintenance. Cleaning gems, it should be dipped in a diluted neutral detergent, soft brush to wipe, and then rinse with water, put an end to oil and Replica Cartier jewelry jelly on the corrosion of sweat. It is to be noted that a peracid or overbased wash can not be selected. At the same time, a variety of materials, jewelry, especially colored gemstones jewelry, cosmetics and other items should be avoided contact. Key protected object Olivine This is more brittle, such as a sudden burst of heat will occur, toughness is relatively poor, pay attention to wearing olivine jewelry to gently wear, must not be cleaned with acid. Opal stone Opal stone afraid of dehydration, should be stored in a humid environment or often soaked in water. Opal is easy to be abrasion and loss of surface gloss, so wear should try to avoid friction with other hard things, should not be preserved with other jewelry mixed with the place. turquoise Beautiful turquoise is afraid of high temperature, can not accept the roasted and direct sunlight, or will fade, burst, dry. Turquoise jewelry with water absorption, can absorb oil, so when the body coated with sunscreen or lotion, please do not wear turquoise jewelry, so as to avoid contact with cosmetics and skin oils too much damage to precious stones. Tourmaline Favorite tourmaline in fact has a thermoelectric imitation cartier love bracelet power, if after the sun or heat, will produce static and adsorption of some fine dust. Therefore, tourmaline should avoid overheating, and should be regularly cleaned with alcohol and other neutral cleaning solution gemstones to maintain its luster. Emerald Maintenance Emerald jewelry to remember that can not be used ultrasonic cleaning, or it may cause irreparable damage to the precious stones. Wash with water is a good way to emerald.

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