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Cartier love bracelet on sale

tiffany become the focus of attention of the fashion Cartier nail bracelet replica world

Posted on Friday 13 October 2017 at 04:10
Tiffany cooperation with renowned architects "reverse" jewelry "I'm interested in jewelry design, in the form of a new test is a good way to continuously improve their skills, in fact, both pursue perfection, creative ideation of established under the condition of highly demanding, building or jewelry is not do thing in the world, it must meet certain conditions, the challenge is to comply with all conditions, and to create unique works." Gehry explains the step into the meaning of "fashion". Designer: Frank o. Gehry Sir As the famous architect Frank - Gary (Frank o. Gehry) first jewelry design series, tiffany become the focus of attention of the fashion Cartier nail bracelet replica world, Gary's vision and tiffany unparalleled quality and craft, absolutely is a match made in heaven, converge to original rich move feeling and fashion charm jewelry design. Frank Gehry (Frank - Gary) design series depicting the Gary lifelong pursuit of art. For different cities created many brilliant landmark, Gary now into another more intimate with human art, jewelry design, conjuring up people and harmonious compatibility of avant-garde new style jewelry. Fish Pendants Tiffany purchasing department, senior vice President Jon King said: "only Gary such a talented artist and architect, to use metal, stone and wood to create such beautiful works. He is absolutely the top designers, and tiffany always attaches great importance to the cooperation with designers, together with the unique jewelry design, from Gary's manuscript with the model of energy and natural beauty, enough to prove that our cooperation is the most wise decision." Gary and utilization of black gold, brother BaiNaBo different materials such as wood and cocholong stone synthesis of his masterpiece, with pure silver, diamond and gem, and the structural elements, childhood memories, the Renaissance masters and modern painters for inspiration, design six don't individuality jewelry series: The Torque reverse form Architects commonly used straight line and curve of twisted into a new style, the Angle of the smart, simple and agile line, the edges of the clear and release the boundless inner strength. Fish Fish Fish design with charming beauty and charm to interpret a surging vitality, as if the Fish all the time in swimming, the protruding Replica Cartier jewelry shows elegant posture at the same time, more integrated with the body. Orchid Earrings Orchid Orchid form winding lines serving the enchanting charm, and exquisite curve surface is more dazzling light. A Fold folded shape Not stick to one pattern lines and the ups and downs, but it can harmoniously deduce that does not have lasting appeal and elegant style. Tube tubular cylindrical tubular form contains the original aesthetic feeling, and there is a mysterious world intoxicating under its surface. Wall carved out of a variety of shapes, reveals the core part and the quality of a material of the lining. The Axis Axis shape Two is connected by straight line element, contracted is unpredictable. Gary said: "for me, architecture and design focuses on process. Drawing and production of three-dimensional model, experiment with different concepts, and this is the creation of nature, architecture, and jewelry, as is any kind of art. The creation inspiration never changed: explore the new form of natural line, echo contemporary pattern of life. With the tiffany jewelry on exquisite craft, and carefully selected materials, I believe we can do it." Justin Davis's work is given priority to with silver, with 18 k gold and platinum, "crown" and "skull" is the primary symbol of his design concept. Because Justin Davis, noble, so the design of the crown in his works appear many, he also believes that after the exposure to such imitation cartier love bracelet things, the nature of the mind will follow. And skull this design concept is derived from Justin Davis anti-war ideas. Although at first sight Justin Davis's works will marvel at his luxuriant sense produced by using a large number of jewelry, but scrutiny and will find many unexpected think of opportunely, this is Justin Davis's charm. Designer Justin Davis is said by many great designers, leading The American pop Design, Parsons The New School in New york's fifth avenue (Parsons The New School of Design), such as yohji yamamoto, Tom Ford, Donna Karan and other international well-known designers, as well as The chief designer Marc Jocobs LV clothing, master photographer Steven Meisel, and has many fans, Anna Sui is graduated from here.

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