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its products is easily after extrusion or collision imitation cartier love bracelet deformation

Posted on Friday 13 October 2017 at 03:53
Gold and silver articles appreciation will definitely Gold and silver city belongs to the rare precious metals. They have a beautiful luster, texture soft, easy to machining, thus become the most popular materials technology craftsmen. Compared with other materials, this kind of the characteristics of easy processing, make treasure can also processing and transformation, the retrofit, thus forming a variety of forms of gold and silver articles. We can according to have good, for example, to change a gold chain rework, to form a collar, bracelets or rings, earrings and other accessories required. But on the other hand, due to the gold and silver soft, its products is easily after extrusion or collision imitation cartier love bracelet deformation or damage. In addition, with other general than metal materials, gold, silver and atmospheric oxidation and corrosion resistance characteristics, can be after one thousand years, is still a new light. So a lot of gold and silver articles for generations, become a treasure handed down from ancient times. Gold, in particular, this feature is better, will not rust, and is not easy to lose luster. Compared with gold, silver this performance is slightly worse. Wet ozone can make the silver surface oxidation, this is what we see, silver products used or put on hold for a long time, which would convey to grey or black from white. In addition, the characteristics of silver sulfide corrosion resistance is not as good as gold. Treasure the authenticity of identification, mainly includes two aspects, one is the identification of its material quality, the second is for the identification of its manufacturing s. According to the current means of science and technology, of gold, silver texture identification has been able to make more precise measurement. Implements in assaying the fineness of gold and silver content determination, for example, contained within the treasure on other metal composition and its content determination, and even different parts of a treasure trove of gold and silver content, also can make a determination, respectively. As the hubei unearthed in the tomb of the warring states period gold, determination. Their gold content over 85%, and contain a small amount of trace copper and silver. And as zhejiang longyou http://www.ourlovestore.com ShiFo Township unearthed golden cup in the Ming dynasty, the upper part of gold content is 73%, and the gold content is only 60%, in addition, the foot is empty, golden cup to make cheng fang liquid inside, not the center of gravity instability, the empty foot also add iron to weight. Again such as hebei city unearthed in the writing of silver, the determination of silver content is 66.10%, 27.8% copper, tin, lead, 2.5% each. This kind of silver copper alloy, silver copper eutectic organization minimum melting point. Therefore, at that time of silver copper alloy has a profound understanding. The treasure in the identification of material quality, from experience, also accumulated some simple methods. (1) the density of gold as a general rule, for the same volume of metal, gold products is much heavier, too light products will be falsify. (2) the hardness of small, gold and silver texture is soft and good extension. If use metal delimit gently try on gold and silver articles, usually left grooves. ", falsify leave scratches. (3) the chemical properties of gold, silver, the more stable Gold, in particular, is not easy oxidation in air, copper and iron products are easy to oxidize. Gold in the acidic liquid (such as dilute hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, etc.), the color is changeless, and copper products only in touch nitrate, will lose its luster. , gold-plated, gold-plated surface layer is easy to http://www.ourlovestore.com fall off, not only the fall off part is easy to rust, even if the gold plated surface is also covered by copper. Of course, the ancient treasure unearthed, some surface with the rust, especially the silver products. This kind of situation is due to the treasure unearthed in the former, contact with other copper corrosion, such as structures with bronze, and stained with the rust. Another reason, it is the most ancient silver texture, is containing certain composition of copper alloy, when copper oxidation corrosion, then formed the rust on silver coating. But this kind of situation, most can be treated with rust removing scale, which to recover the true colors. In addition, the rich experience, which can be controlled by the sound, taste, and color, handle, etc., to identify the authenticity of a treasure. However, this needs to have a long and rich practical experience. Treasure manufacturing s difficult to identify. Modern technological means to implements the texture of the identification has reached the accurate degree, but the implements of s identification is still seem powerless. Mainly rely on the accumulation of experience, and on the basis of the formation of a relatively effective scientific methods. Generally, gold and silver ornaments s identification without implements inscription study, also cannot leave the tomb unearthed s determination and analysis of the artifacts shape, decorative design, production technology research. In contrast, implements the inscriptions research is the most direct, the most important basis. If there is no inscriptions of treasure or inscription, for the determination of its manufacturing s is extremely difficult. From the development of China's treasure, the inscription on the treasure before tang dynasty are rare. Tang dynasty, especially after the song dynasty and yuan dynasty, inscriptions inscriptions of gold and silver were significantly increased. Some treasure although there is no inscriptions, but can be similar with the others with out the shape of the inscriptions on the treasure, indirect presumption of s. S of tombs unearthed determine, no doubt, to conclude that http://www.ourlovestore.com treasure time has important reference value. But because the treasure itself continuity, but over the years, from generation to generation. Therefore, determine whether the manufacturing of treasure buried time and the same time, still need other evidence to show that. Research implements the shape, decorative characteristics, manufacturing technology and inscriptions, it should be said that the most widely used method of a conclude that implements the s. Because each time the artifacts, inevitably bears the stamp of the age, peculiar to the era style characteristics. Generally speaking, a implements, its shape, grain system, manufacturing technology and processing technology, even should be harmonious and unified, and it belongs to the cultural features of that era and the development of science and technology level. It is on this basis, formed a set of common in archaeological culture is applicable, and more scientific analysis method, which used to conclude that the s, the use of similar objects in archaeological coexistence relationship, after a detailed comparative study, find a period, or a time standard implements, this kind of objects with the same period basically or similar implements the common characteristic of contemporary, and then other similar artifacts unearthed, compared with established standard implements, or, as compared with the characteristics of the known similar artifacts which is s judgement of artifacts. Work in this area is most effective, and can have the same age in different periods of implements difference between each other, side by side the implements of spectrum, is the study of ancient pottery and bronze ware. But so far, the system research of treasure this army is not yet mature, is mainly due to the less each time the amount of treasure unearthed, and unearthed dispersion and concentration, to treasure this system research more difficult. At present the study of treasure carefully, and most productive, is the research on gold and silver in the tang dynasty. Its research results, there is no doubt for installment date of treasure in the tang dynasty Cartier love bracelet replica laid a solid foundation, but also for the future research on China's treasure system opened a good start. In addition, and forge the ancient bronze, jade artifacts, such as fake treasure is one of the most common cheating on material quality, more is to seek high profits for the purpose. On s ZuoWeiZhe is rare, this also caused the treasure s appraisal work, no matter from theory, or short on practical experience, the lack of system research and experience summary. Although experienced people, able to skillfully which according to the quality of a material, sound, taste, and color to identify fake, or according to the shape of, decorative design in a utensil, inscription, as well as the forming characteristics of The Times and the processing technology method to infer s, but the scientific research, and the known results, summarize the experience to determine and system, remains to be seen to put a great deal of detailed work and in-depth research.

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