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The Six Steps of Washing Hands

08:02, Saturday 12 August 2017 .. Link
Washing hands is an essential part of our lives. It can remove most of the bacteria from our hands, and it is important to keep our hands clean and keep our bodies healthy. But ordinary people in life, the correct way to wash their hands, know very little. Many parents only know to wash hands with hand soap for kids, but the method of washing their hands is not sterilizing. In order to make everyone better hand hygiene, now I will give you a brief introduction to the six steps of the standard. 1. Palms facing each other, fingers together and rubbing each other to clean the palms. 2, hand heart opponent back, fingers crossed, knead each other knead, exchange, wash the back of the hands. 3. The palms are opposite, the hands are crossed, and the fingers are rubbed together to clean the fingers. 4. Bend each finger joint and rotate it in another hand, rubbing, exchanging, and washing the fingers. 5. Hand the other hand in the hand, rotate it, exchange it, and wash your thumb. 6. Hand five fingers of the hand and close together, twist and knead in the other hand, exchange and wash the fingertip. In six paces before washing, of course, want to get wet under the faucet handles, rub soap or hand wash, wash the technique in the six steps, to handle with clear water is rinsed clean, rinse clean with clear water faucet after closing, finally dry with a clean towel or paper towel handles.

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