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How to Wash hands properly

07:05, Friday 11 August 2017 .. Link
Children’s resistance is much lower than adults, so children are more susceptible to infection with bacteria, according to the survey, pointed out that with the proper way to wash your hands, to form the habit of washing hands, is can reduce children suffering from diarrhea and other symptoms was 53%. With the who estimates that 18 million children die each year and 90% of young children under the age of five, if in order to form the good habit of washing, can save at least half of the number of children, so the correct way to wash your hands is also key for children. 1. Palms facing, fingers together, rubbing together. 2. The palms of the palms are rubbed together and exchanged. 3. Palms facing each other, hands cross fingers rubbing together. 4. Bend your fingers to make the joints spin in the other hand. 5. Hold your left thumb with your right hand and rub it. 6. Place your fingertips in another hand and rotate it. BUBUBEAR HAND SOAP FOR KIDS is an anti-bacterial hand soap. It has blueberry fragrance.

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