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Letís go and play!

08:02, Thursday 10 August 2017 .. Link
Children aged 3-7 are in the most energetic phase. They love the outdoors and enjoy close contact with their friends. Lively children hand unavoidably trap bacteria in the process of contact with the outside world, so get in the habit of frequent hand washing is especially important for children, and this period is the golden period of cultivating children good habits. Active baby to catch anything into his mouth, want to let their hands at all times maintain health, mothers always have to put the baby to grasp to go to wash your hands at any time, to wash their hands more often, that quite a waste of afraid of washing babyís tiny fingers rough. BUBUBEAR HAND SOAP FOR KIDS is coming! The curious baby will be harmed by the germs every minute. They need more lasting and effective protection. It is specially designed for childrenís tender skin, the formula is gentle, nourishing and nourishing baby skin, rich and easy to rinse. Match the blueberry fragrance that children like, make hand washing full of fun; High-quality pump head, effectively isolates external pollution and prevent indirect transmission of bacteria.

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