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How to wash clothes by the laundry sheet without fading?

06:52, Monday 7 August 2017 .. Link
Washing clothes suddenly found the clothes faded, which is a frequent occurrence in water wash. In fact, the degree of color loss also has its weight. Generally speaking, light fading is not scary, as long as the operation goes on without stopping until finished. And in the last rinse, add some acetic acid to make a solid color, stop the color that continues to fade. If drop color is more serious, wash water has more dye, need a careful operation at this time, must not let the clothing stop in the washing process, the operation moves fast. At the same time must be used after washing containing acetic acid rinse water many times, the color situation can be controlled at this moment, the final rinse can add some acetate appropriately, without then rinse with water after washing machine dehydration dry. Choose our laundry sheet for kids to help you more to prevent fading when washing clothes. The most serious fade is difficult, the very individual clothes in the water immediately after the color changes, as if put into some dye. The clothes may even color the hands of the operator, which is heavily colored and often made of thick wool sweaters or silk garments. When this happens, don’t panic. You should always wash your clothes quickly. Then rinse the water with water containing acetic acid. The most serious drop color can also be saved by “hanging color” treatment. Do not stop the washing and finish the washing process quickly when the washing begins. Pay attention to the washing water not to be dumped, immediately add a lot of acetic acids and stir evenly, return the clothing to wash the water to carry on the color processing, will shed the dye to return to the clothing. After 30 minutes of treatment, the lost color will gradually return to the clothing, after the water that contains acetic acid is washed, can be dehydrated to dry. The best way to do this is to wash your clothes and wash them in laundry and put them in your clothes. In non-ionic surfactant, on the basis of increased anionic surfactant and surfactant, to wash clothes in the water color factor in the process of the rapid absorption, so as to achieve the effect of a series of color proof. And can remove oil stain easily, miscellaneous material, juice stain and so on stubborn besmirch, have the solid color, lock color, defend the effect of lubricious, get rid of the traditional laundry products to lose color difficult problem.

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