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Cartier love bracelet replica

the mother will be placed on the sofa arm on the Cartier love bracelet replica

07:24, Sunday 13 August 2017 .. Link
My forehead has a long gray mark, and people say that they can be wiped off with gold. In our Guzhuang, only when the workers in the county by the day the family has a gold ring, the mother took my hand to ask the day by the wife Li Shen. Aunt Lee will ring down from the fingers down, carefully took over the mother, with a ring on my mark kept wiping his mouth still humming, gold gold wipe, imprint mark to move. Until the mark was rubbed Huotaohuoliao pain, the mother will be placed on the sofa arm on the Cartier love bracelet replica, and Lee aunt East West to a leisurely. Mother returned to the house not to do lunch, Li Shen on the rush to run, sister, the ring also do not have? Not to give back to me. The mother was stunned Dengyuan his eyes, holding the scoop of the hands are constantly shaking, shaking, I put the ring on the sofa armrest, you do not see? Li Shen blushing said, there is no ring on the sofa. The mother will be on the case board scoop, ran out, Lee Aunt hurried up. Mother and Lee Aunt will be carried to the yard sofa, the corner corner of the house searched everywhere, and did not see the shadow of the ring. Mother sat down on the ground, ramble to say, I obviously put the ring on the arm of the sofa, it did not long wings, not fly away ah. Is a dog Diao? Is the title of the dog? Aunt Lee said coldly, this ring is the day by the bridge store to buy, 60, I do farm work is also less than 60 a year. Mother is a step three moved back home, the mother returned home will be tired of the body lying on the bed, the first time did not make dinner, night and his father ramble to say the night. Day just dawn, the mother and father got up. In their pleading, the brigade secretary agreed to help parents work in the kiln factory. After school, I often went to the kiln to see their parents work. Mother carrying seven or eight brick brick or brick child, bent into a bow body. Large cold days, acupuncture bones of the north wind blowing whirring, the mother's face but the Cartier love ring replica wolf by the fine sweat. In the winter of 1976, I can not bear to see is the mother wash their hands. Mother rough scar on the back of the hand, chunks of the big hole condensed with dark red blood scab, his mother often face pain sweating hand sweating. Parents in the kiln plant busy for a winter, finally got enough 60 dollars. When the mother will be sweat money to Lee Aunt, Lee aunt moist eyes, sister in law, I know your family difficulties, this money to keep New Year it. Mother smiled and said, big sister, I do not go to the county to buy you a ring, and the trouble by the brothers buy it. Also Li Chen 60 dollars, the deeply moved by Aunt Lee begged her mother and she worshiped the dry sisters. Aunt Lee moved to the county, she will be cumbersome dilapidated sofa gave us. Twinkling of an eye between the past 20 years, my home has changed like a nation like the earth-shaking changes in the home of a new leather sofa, Lee Aunt sent the old sofa can only be chopped firewood cooking pot. Uncover the sofa cushion, tear up the tattered flannel, I saw a ring shyly shy in the sofa corner. Hear my screams, the mother staggered came, his hands holding the ring, could not help but tears - and she thought of that difficult acid in 1976. His wife took the ring, neatly worn in the hand, a look of excitement, a big ring, the value of a thousand dollars, I also wear the E ring. Mother with his hands holding his wife's hand, said the ring style outdated, I buy you a new one. Mother said his wife from the hands of stroke under the ring. Home to cover building, which also have money to buy ring? Wife's face was overcast to squeeze water. At night, I had already fallen asleep, my mother from the bed to arouse, hesitant to say, I would like to discuss things with you. My dissatisfaction to grumble, what can not wait until tomorrow to discuss? Mother carefully said, is the case, now the implementation of cremation, and a palm-sized casket can Sheng ashes, and then coffin Sheng urn is not a waste? I want to sell the coffin. In the mother's insistence, the good coffin was bought. Later, my 70-year-old mother into the trip to the county, she will be dusty for 20 years back to the Aunt Lee, and insisted on as long as 60 dollars. Mother also promised to her daughter bought a flash imitation cartier love bracelet.

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