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Cartier love bracelet replica

because the Goldsmiths Hand Design Association has always been the gold imitation Cartier love bracelet jewelry category awards

07:21, Sunday 13 August 2017 .. Link
When you first see Daisy Choi, you feel that she has turned herself into a moving window of various jewelry: three different rings, a necklace, and a pigeon-sized brooch on the outer jacket. London in mid-May the cold weather to help, she in the inner layer of the shirt to wear more. These lively but not messy jewelry is designed by Daisy, 10 years ago, she turned off Hong Kong's design consulting firm came to London alone, from Coca-Cola, Haagen Dazs design consultant into an independent Replica Cartier love bracelet jewelry designer . Like all uprooted entrepreneurs, she said that many people think she is probably crazy, but "life is short, you should do what you really enjoy." She came to London is the fancy here of the open and diverse. "Londoners can pay for the concept, if they buy a ring, you can not care about those carat.However, the designer must have their own way of expression. In 2010, she designed the "Diamond Temptation" ring won the British Goldsmiths Hand Design Association awarded the Gold Award, a moment on the size of fashion magazines. See the work of the people are surprised, because the Goldsmiths Hand Design Association has always been the gold imitation Cartier love bracelet jewelry category awards, but this award is a ring from the ring to the ring are made of black rubber diamond-shaped strange ring , Only the upper right corner of the ring surface is embedded with a small sparkling real diamonds. 2 years later, Daisy in London, Sait John's Square in the studio to pick up the black rubber ring, the expression is still very complex. "I received an invitation at the time, but I do not know that it was a shortlist of shorts, like the Oscars, where I won the prize without knowing anything." Daisy told the first Financial Week ", said she had submitted several years before the gold material works, never won. Until the accident in 2010, she realized that he had done a "crazy thing", and it seems the traditional awards agencies also "really have this degree of openness to accept it." Government organizations in the United Kingdom, and particularly in London, do have a lot of support for creative work. Such as Daisy studio where the building Craft Central, is a non-profit trust fund assets. About 30 rooms, each with a size of 200 square feet (about 18.5 square meters), are rented for 20% to 50% of the rental price, and monthly exhibitions of designer goods are held at the building. Price to attract the public to buy, the proceeds from sales to the maintenance of the building. Many similar institutions in London are sponsored by the Arts Council, and another big sponsor is Lotto. "But this year a lot of sponsorship has given artists to work with the Olympics, so a lot of designers usually go abroad to participate in the cost of the exhibition will be no." Daisy said. Daisy stressed that he is a "designer maker", this sounds a bit awkward identity is in fact the precise classification of the Cartier love ring replica designer industry. "I'm not a concept jeweler, they just offer a design; I'm a maker, and sometimes I work with the factory, but I do it myself most of the time," says Daisy. The corner of the studio, filled with a variety of tools, including the size of the drill, gypsum stereotypes mold and jewelry raw materials.

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